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Best Outtakes of 2017

Let it be known that I LOVE my littlest clients. They can make me laugh till my abs hurt (as if chasing after them, wrangling them up, and wielding a camera wasn’t workout enough) and there was a lot of that this year.

2017 has most certainly been The Year of the Families at CANDRAcreative, and it’s brought me such joy. Believe it or not there was a time when I thought I could never be a family photographer. I wasn’t a mom with her own kids and I had never been an elementary school teacher either. What did I know about kids, let alone how to photograph them? Looking back, it’s silly that in my mind a family photographer equated to having experience in one of those areas of life. Whatever my reasoning I didn’t think I could do it - that I could be a family photographer.

Over the years, I’ve found that to be wildly untrue, obviously. Fast forward to 2017 and family photography at CANDRAcreative is not only growing, but thriving and here to stay! So bring me all the families y’all! Let me photograph your people! 

As this year comes to a close, I didn’t want to pick “the best” images of the year (way too many of those by the way), so instead I decided to feature the littlest loves and the faces and actions that had me laughing during their sessions.

This year I photographed kids who honestly didn't come for photos, but to...

Touch new trees

Make funny faces

Pick berries when they think you're not looking

Or who just came to wave at the camera

Kids who just wanted to love their big siblings.

Like these sisters

And these brothers​

Kids who just didn't care about getting the shot Mom and Dad want.

Like this gal who's trying to wiggle her way out of the photo

This little nugget who's having none of it

Or these brothers who were just doing whatever it is they're doing

This sweet guy who I think was yawning and crying at the same time because, newborns.

Or these brothers who were on the same page about not wanting this photo

Kids who just wanted to get as close to the camera as possible.

Like really close

Kids who were not impressed with my jokes.

I legitimately have to come up with some better material in 2018, because just look at this guy

Kids who despite their behavior ended up very pleased with themselves.

Like this guy who's now ready to party

Or these two guys who wanted to make sure I knew we'd gotten a good shot

That being said, kids can only last so long. We make the best of the time we have because eventually we get to this point...

When they're ready for me to leave

Or they've worn out good 'ole Dad

Or they're just very ready to go eat dinner

The point when babies through me serious shade. Sometimes complete with a snarl

Or in this case a pout

Or with angry eyebrows and a tiny fist in the making. Thats when you know it's really over 😂

Aren't these little clients just about the cutest - silly faces, tiny fists and all? PS - Promise we got good photos too, just ask the parents 😉


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