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Sweetheart Mini Sessions are back and the top 5 reasons to book yours today!

Now booking: Sweetheart Mini Sessions with the APA!

Sweetheart Mini Sessions with the APA are back and I couldn't be more excited to photograph your pets on Sunday! PS - if you haven't booked yours yet, get to it!

Last year these sessions were incredibly fun and I expect nothing less this go-around. You might be wondering why I didn't blog about it last year - I'm actually wondering the same thing. I very clearly dropped the ball on that, so today I'm sharing the top 5 reasons you should book a Sweetheart Mini Session!

NUMBER ONE. 100% of the proceeds directly benefits the animals of the APA.

The APA's mission is to help bring animals and people together, and create sweet and strong bonds between them. The best thing about the Sweetheart Mini Sessions is that 100% of the proceeds directly benefits the animals. That means that every dollar you invest in your session is used responsibly to directly help animals in need. If that's not reason enough, keep on reading...

NUMBER TWO. These mini sessions are the absolute lowest price I'll ever offer.

I don't offer many mini session opportunities throughout the year, but for the APA I make an exception because they're good people doing good things! And not only are we partnering together to offer mini sessions, but we're offering the 15-minute sessions and 2 high-res digital images, plus a fun gift bag for just $50.

NUMBER THREE. These sessions are short and sweet.

15-minutes is the perfect amount of time. Ideal for kids, dogs, and anyone else who isn't a big fan of having their photo taken, is a bit nervous in front of the camera, or loses interest quickly. These sessions are short and sweet and admittedly a little bit chaotic, because - kids, pets, and a camera - but are just as equally if not more fun, lighthearted, and full of laughter.

NUMBER FOUR. Puppies, and kittens, and rats, oh my!

By this point, those of you with dogs and cats are like "Let's do this!" But here's the thing, your guinea pigs and rabbits are welcome too. In fact, last year we had a couple bring rats. RATS yall. Never would I have expected to photograph rats, but I did, and it was great, and they love their photos (the people, at least) and so do I!

NUMBER FIVE. Your pet is a part of the family.

Some of your would say your pet is a part of your family, right? But how often do you get your pets in front of the camera? Excluding your iPhone, I'm guessing not very often. But if you're anything like me, you love your pet, and later down the road, you'll want to look back and see their sweet faces, or laugh at their silly look, and remember the fun and chaos of your few minutes of fame at the APA.

So like I said, if you haven't booked your Sweetheart Mini Session slot, do it now! Email JULIEH@APAMO.ORG or call (314) 645 4610 ext. 118.

Also, special shout out to our friends at gene-del for sponsoring this event!


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