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Forest Park Fall Family Session

Forest Park Fall Family Session | St. Louis, MO

I met Dara through my work at HLM. Our organizations partner together quite a bit - particularly when it comes to making health insurance information easier for people to understand.

I was thrilled when she asked me to take photos of her family as she, her husband, and two boys, await the arrival of a sweet baby girl!! It's always a joy when people who, for whatever reason, know me as a photographer second, trust me with their capturing their love and joy - be it weddings, or seniors, or in this case, family and maternity photos!

The day of the session, Dara texted me letting me know her boys can be a bit of a handful and she hoped that we'd still get some great photos... challenge accepted! We met at Forest Park, started with the World's Fair Pavilion and made our way down the hill. These boys were full of energy (what kids aren't?), so we did a lot of things they wanted to do, like:

  • Run in the grass - it should be noted that this did not tire them out, at all

  • "Exercise" - which consisted of jumping up and down, but I obviously took no part in this

  • Picked "flowers" - literal weeds, but we'll keep that between us

  • Walk on the edge of the fountain - which I assured them was a task I only give to big boys. It was admittedly a bit risky, but it was the end of the session, and they didn't jump (or fall) in!

I'm a big believer that sometimes when it comes to kids, you just have to do what they want to do, within reason of course... and take photos along the way - so that's exactly what we did.

At the end of this session I showed Dara and her husband a few photos so they wouldn't be wondering for a week if I'd got any good shots. I think it's safe to say we did! It's also safe to say this sweet baby girl will be born into a great family and will have two big brothers looking out for her every step of the way! And I bet she'll be taking those steps early trying to keep up those boys!

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