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Kirkwood Park Family Session

Mathison | Kirkwood, MO

Finishing up the final blog post from the very busy triple-header session weekend back in August! I'm so excited to be featuring the Mathison family today on the blog! I met Meghan 3 years ago at Hartford Coffee when I was interviewing for a job at Health Literacy Media (which was actually Health Literacy Missouri at the time). And then when I got the job at HLM, Megan was my supervisor!

When their first son, Henry turned 1, Meghan asked me to photograph his birthday party and I'm still salty that I was already booked that day. So when Meghan texted me about family photos this year, about a month or so ago, I was all about it! We went out to Kirkwood park - and carefully positioned ourselves between the lake and the top of the hill, out of view (for the most part) of the playground. We had such a fun time wandering around our little patch of the park and taking photos that Sunday morning, and we even ran into one of their neighbors! We ended the session at the splash fountain, which Henry was very excited about, but at the same time, he didn't want to get wet. It's hard being a kid 😉

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