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Camp Friends are the Best Friends

Annual Girls' Trip | Nashville, TN

Y’all might have forgotten my blog even existed, and that's totally fair because I’ve been embarrassingly silent the past 6 weeks. But fear not, I have returned and you’ll be seeing quite a few blog posts in the coming days and weeks, so get excited!

First up in this blog reboot: Nashville! Every year for the past few years, I’ve been meeting up with Ebby, Domi, and Christian - all of whom I know via our time spent at Camp Greystone, for an annual girls’ trip.* When you people say “Camp friends are the best friends,” they’re not lying. Really.

Two years ago we went to Charleston, last year DC, and this year we actually decided to stay and hang out around Nashville, which meant the trip simultaneously made my heart and wallet very happy.

I love these girls, y’all. I love that years after our time at camp we not only keep up with each other, but talk regularly, pray for one another, and point each other back to Jesus. And I love that we make it a priority to see each other at least once a year, so we can catch up in person, stay up late talking, watch movies, and experience whatever town we’re in. I also love that in each place we’ve been, we’ve either met up with someone else we know from Greystone, randomly seen a Greystone girl walking down the street, or find out two of our quiet retreat leaders either went to and/or sent their girls to Greystone before we went ourselves. Because, Greystone y’all. It’s that good.

This year, towards the end of the trip (but better late than never, right?) we made it a point to take some photos of our time together and have a little photo session in a park, because why not?!

Enjoy these pictures of my sweet, beautiful friends. They do my heart, my walk with Jesus, and my life a whole lot of good.

*Disclaimer: Our trips are nothing like the movie. Nothing. Other than the fact that we are 4 girls on a trip.

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